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View of main entry, August 20, 1989. Pen on paper sketch by Frederick
                  Clifford Gibson, Architect Form Dynamics Study, 1990. Pen on paper sketch by Frederick
                  Clifford Gibson, Architect Form Dynamics Study Detail, 1990. Pen on paper sketch by Frederick
                  Clifford Gibson, Architect

Frank Lloyd Wright

Fallingwater: Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr. Residence

Vacation Residence
Bear Run, Pennsylvania

Sketched by Frederick Clifford Gibson

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"Fallingwater is a great blessing - one of the great blessings to be experienced here on earth. I think nothing yet ever equalled the coordination, sympathic expression of the great principle of repose where forest and stream and rock and all the elements of structure are combined so quietly that really you listen not to any noise whatsoever although the music of the stream is there. But you listen to Fallingwater the way you listen to the quiet of the country ...." Frank Lloyd Wright

"Aside from his own Taliesin Fellowship Complex, Wright had seen only two of his projects constructed over a period of almost eight years, from 1928 to 1935. Then, when the architect was sixty-nine, came Fallingwater, the Johnson Administration Building, and the Usonian home concept all in one year, and Wingspread a year later. Fallingwater is perhaps the best-known private home for someone not of royal blood in the history of the world. Perched over a waterfall deep in the Pennsylvania highlands, it seems part of the rock formations to which it clings. Reinforced-concrete cantilever slabs project from the rock band to carry the house over the stream. From the square living room, one can step directly down a suspended stairway to the stream. Immediately above, on the third level, terraces open from sleeping quarters, emphasizing the horizontal nature of the structural forms; "the apotheosis of the horizontal" it has been called and is one of seventeen buildings designed by Wright that has been designated by the AIA to be retained as an example of his architectural contribution to American culture. Three years separated design of the main house and the guesthouse. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy conducts guided tours during most of the year, except the cold winter months; reservations are advised." [TAFW]

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