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1410 Post Street Condominiums

New 5-story 7-unit Condominiums
San Francisco, California


Located in a sunny area of San Francisco, California with Southern exposure and where fog seldom travels and culture and fine restaurants are a short walk away, the goal of this development is to create the most value possible given the project constraints.

The Post Street Condominiums comprise five 1-story units and two 2-story units with seven garage parking spaces in a 5 story building with garage. The building is entered through a street gate and up a gentle ramp to the rear garden which serves as a focal point for both the ramp procession and the adjacent building lobby. The interior of the units, reached from the elevator and stair core, are designed to take full advantage of the sun and views that the setting provides, creating a quality living environment for all of the future residents.

To re-establish some of the original streetscape expression, unlike the house currently set-back on the 1410 Post Street site, the new building is located to continue the street fašade plane of the neighboring Victorians. In addition to the classic bay window and balcony expression, the new building serves as a harmonizing transition between the smaller scale of the Victorians to the very large scale of the neighboring highrise. Thus, the new building gives some welcome harmonizing cohesion to what is now a very abrupt juxtaposition of Victorian and highrise architecture on Post Street.

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Existing View

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