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The Epistemology-Aesthetics study group meets live biweekly in San Francisco. The focus is on Epistemology and Aesthetics with a heavy emphasis on Aristotle's Organon during the beginning. Associated with the live meeting will be a discussion mailing list with an already wider distribution list than the live participants and this evolving website on Aristotle's vast quantity of logical discoveries and the thoughts from the group. This site hosts Aristotle's complete writings on Logic, the Organon in 6 treatises as well as EASG resources.

The requirements of the list are that each participant has an honest desire to gain useful knowledge about Epistemology and/or Aesthetics to benefit their lives. The list is not about polemics. The list will have a live-meeting summary posted each session as well as ongoing discussion about the topics at hand. Our focus at first will be on Aristotle's Organon as there we can gain total precision in defining and reasoning with our concepts. Once this is accomplished, we will move on into aesthetics and finally define precisely the principal concepts there. The approach will be highly inductive, and the list already includes several participants whose work is directly connected with aesthetics, and several whose work isn't.

The list is set up as a moderated list in that only list members can post. Non-members will be able to view the discussion on the web. Also, for the sake of privacy, I opted for list member identities to be suppressed so that neither the public nor the members can view the identies of all members on the list. I look forward to hearing about your ideas and thoughts, and am excited about the potential we have here to finally bring the principles of advanced Epistemology and Aesthetics to light in the dawning of a new millenium.

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Aristotle's Writings on Logic

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Aristotle's On Sophistical Refutations

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