A R C H I T E C T U R A L  F O R U M 

© 1996 Poetry by Kiran Keswani - Glucksburg, Germany

Entering the enveloping space.
Benches, people at the fountain.
The gardens as important as building.
Getting closer
The wings of the Louvre.
The gardens before the Louvre
Stretching a long distance.
People relaxing on the benches
And in front of the fountain.
The spray of the fountain
Offering itself to all.
The cafes before the Louvre buildings.
The woman on cycle, painted white
All white
The cycle, the woman, her dress
Her arms, legs, face, hair.
She sat there still
While tourists watched, amazed
Waiting for a small movement
But there was none.
Some left behind change and moved on.
Others stayed, looking at her
And looking at those that looked at her.
The next day we saw her in the metro
Returning home, perhaps
After her still-life day at the Louvre
She was still white, without her cycle
Where did she leave it in the evenings
Her cycle with white tyres.
Was there a place
To keep her cycle for the night
Until tomorrows day of business began again?

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