A R C H I T E C T U R A L  F O R U M 

© 1996 Poetry and Sketching by Kiran Keswani - Glucksburg, Germany

Then, the opening at the head of the stairs
Looking into the space below.
The Maison Roche, in white.
The slender circular columns.
The wall as column.
The curved facade.
The band of windows.
Two doors to the house.
Maison Roche-the house
Maison Jeanneret-the library
Of the Corbusier Foundation.
The narrow lane to the house
Almost like the way to Sarabhai House
In Ahmedabad, India.
No path really
An abrubt arrival, sideways too.
Which is the main entrance?
The door bell.
The house is opened
A lone attendant
Do you want to see the house?
Its fifteen francs each, please.
He slips away into inner room
Leaving us in this space
And, what space is this?
Is it living room?
Is it lounge for the foundation?
The books on Corbusier, on a stand, in French.
Two of his drawings
Hang on the wall opposite.
A portfolio of his drawings.
The cubist paintings for sale.
We take the stairs to go up
It is not lit so much.
Then, the opening at the head of the stairs
Looking into the space below
Space that is neither living room nor lounge
Perhaps entrance lobby
A bridge across the space
No feeling of enclosure
So open on both sides.
A bridge across space
No feeling of enclosure.

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