Michael Wilkinson, Sculptor

I have just returned from the Wilkinson show at the Simic New Renaissance Galleries in Carmel. Seeing Wilkinson's Lucite sculpture has been one of the most profound aesthetic experiences of my life, second only to seeing Wright's Falling Water for the first time.

I consider Wilkinson's work to be among the greatest sculpture ever created. Walking through the display (of approx. 20+ pieces) you see a mind at work discovering the qualities of lucite, a material which is more transparent than glass. The first work in lucite is carved as if it were a bronze. However, in turning the sculpture around, you see the incredible properties of the material, the potential yet to be reached.

Wilkinson, through progressive steps, invents a new sculptural medium. It is a sculpture of the form (In all cases the human form) and the viewing of that form. After creating the sculpture to be viewed, he planes the encompassing form of the lucite to create incredibly beautiful views of the sculpture using refraction and reflection and direct viewing of the form. He then takes this viewing technique one step further to create a "dynamic" viewing experience where the sculpture sits on a lighted base which rotates, and the progression of views of the sculpture as seen through the mathematically derived planes displays a choreographed sequence of views which expose the dynamic theme of the art work being viewed.

This Man is a Giant.

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