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Santiago Calatrava

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Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela [SCEA}

Santiago Calatrava is a Spanish architect working in Paris and Zurich who is recognized as one of the world's innovative architects. Trained as a sculptor, an engineer, and an architect, he synthesizes new technologies and new forms in all his projects, including a memorable bridge in Barcelona and train stations in Zurich and Lyon. His work transcends the traditional boundaries between art and architecture as well as between engineering and architecture. Calatrava's projects have won critical acclaim internationally and are widely published both in Europe and in the United States.
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Bach de Roda - Felipe II Bridge

Barcelona, Spain | 1984-1987

"The bridge spans the railway tracks between the main streets 'Bach de Roda' and 'Felipe II', which run from north to south, connecting the sea and the city.

Materials and dimensions:

Double arch and middle section of the road and footpath, steel; lower part of the steel arches, steel and concrete combination; abutments, white concrete; total length 180m, max. span 68m.

The twin arches widen slightly at both ends, increasing structural rigidity and permitting the passage of pedestrians on footpaths to either side. Steps follow the line of the arches on both sides of the railway. The roadway lights are in the middle of the bridge, while the footpath is lit by strip lighting integrated into handrails." [SCEA}

Exterior View

*Milwaukee Art Museum

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*Smithsonian Magazine: "Transforming the beauty of skeletons into architecture."

*The Milwaukee Art Museum

BCE Place

Toronto, Canada | 1992

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*MAM: The Architecture of Santiago Calatrava
Plans and Photograph

Bibao Airport Terminal

Bibao |


City of Sciences

Valencia |

Valencia City of Sciences Visualization

Lyon-Satolas Airport

Lyon, France | 1994

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*MAM: The Architecture of Santiago Calatrava
Lyon-Satolas Airport

Alamillo Bridge and La Cartuja Viaduct

Seville, Spain | 1987-92

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*Smithsonian Magazine: "Transforming the beauty of skeletons into architecture."

Lyons-Satolas TGV Railway Station

Lyon, France |

assembly structure -- president study
Photograph and Drawing

St.Gallen Bus Stop

St.Gallen, Switzerland | 1986

Page of Santiago Calatrava

Swissbau Concrete Pavillion

Basel, Switzerland | 1989

"My aim in designing the FSB pavillion was to show that, as a building material, concrete can forge a link between building engineering technology and the perfect forms of nature.

The elements display an essential but rather neglected feature of concrete, namely, its capacity for being moulded. In Spanich concrete is called 'hormigon' - which means "mouldable."

Prefabricated elements are the optimal answer to the demand for freedom of design. Top material quality, small tolerances, and the repeated use of moulds ensure economy of production even with difficult shapes." [SCEA}

Interior Photograph


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